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Top 10 best Chinese town to travel

The minority village of Lijiang in northern Yunnan Province and close to Tibet, is a traveler paradise for years. This little "Venice of the East" is one of the most charming places in China, thanks to its clear water channels Current along the stone streets. Read more...

7 Most popular tourist destinations in China

Travel to China 7 best place to visit

Travel to China is now increasingly popular. With its long history of over 5 000 years, China stirs curiosity and attracts by its culture, cuisine and architecture. China is a country that contains many pristine natural landscapes must hasten to explore new and gigantic cities to visit.Read more...

Top 10 best cities of Chinese food

Travel to China Top 10 best cities of Chinese food

Do you know which are best cities of Chinese food?Besides its millennial history and traditions, China is known for its cuisine recognized worldwide. Each region enjoys unparalleled local specialties and will be unforgettable experiences and culinary discoveries on your trip to China.Read more...

10 Beijing top hotel with a little budget

Trave; to China 10 Beijing top hotel with a little budget

Planning a stay in Beijing? Find the best hotel or hostel is not always easy, especially if your budget is tight!It is often necessary to take into account many factors such as the location of the inn, the services offered and the price to be sure to make the right choice. Read more......

The Great Wall of China when trave at Beijing in China

Whether you are looking for an impressive panorama, in a purely tourist atmosphere or a wild ride off the beaten track, the Great Wall has everything to offer.Read  more...

The best Chinese restaurants in Beijing

China is a country full of miracle. Historic monuments, natural beauty, shopping streets and malls etc., can be found in China. Beijing is the capital of China and therefore contains all these things. But do you find delicious food in Beijing?Read more...

Chinese cheongsam

The Chinese cheongsam or qipao in Chinese, has developed from a kind of old clothes from the Manchu ethnic minority. In ancient times, it generally referred to long gowns worn by the people of Manchuria, Mongolia and lee Eight Banners.Read more......

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