Anti aging Supplements Truth

Anti aging supplements truth

How to be like a 25-year-old person when you're over 50 years old!

Anti aging Supplements Truth
 - Learn the real truth of anti-aging and stay young with Chinese natural remedies
                 By Dr.WU XIAYUAN (About The Author)

On aging, things start to unravel at the end of growth, to 18 or 20 years we read in books. To 40 years, the first signs of aging are felt: loss of vision, difficult recovery, disturbed sleep, dug wrinkles ... And if nothing is done, retirement is going to suffer the pain of your body rather than 'to live fully in the moment. As our life expectancy tells us that we will live more than a century, provided this is in the best possible conditions. Let us try to return the adage "If youth knew, if old age could" turn it into "youth and old age can know."

One can indeed, at any age, slowing the signs of aging and mitigate weaknesses already marked with the help of herbal medicine. For besides its proven effectiveness, it is much better tolerated than the usually prescribed drugs: hormones, steroids, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, pills and injections miracles (DHEA botox). If these drugs can be effective punctually, long term they end up tired bodies and have the opposite effect: they promote aging. By focusing, instead, to fight or support some mechanisms of aging, herbal remedies that I use, if it does not respond with the same urgency to aging, gives ultimately results that allow discussion serenely Aging, or to live fully ... a second youth.

Free radicals: The key to aging

The main process responsible for aging is oxidation of cells by free radicals. The natural mechanism is simple: there is oxidation when an atom loses an electron. The result is serious because the atom will fly what it lacks in another atom, triggering a chain reaction. The unstable atoms are called "free radicals". The body continuously produces to defend itself.

This is one of the paradoxes of life. We must breathe to live, but oxygen is absorbed in part responsible for the oxidation of cells and therefore their deterioration and death. With old age or illness, the balance can be upset and then we can observe an increase in the production and activity of free radicals.

Other factors involved in the production of free radicals: diet, pollutants, radiation (light or nuclear), the lifestyle. It is these parameters that accelerate the physiological aging and that put a normal state to a disease state.

A key to slowing the aging process is the using of antioxidants.


Antioxidants act as decoys. They replace the cells and fatty acids that are normally oxidized by free radicals and are degraded in their place. By short-circuiting the process, antioxidants actually slow the aging process. The beneficial effect of antioxidants concerns both skin aging as cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular disorders, and certain degenerative diseases such as cancers or ocular degeneration.

The sources of antioxidants are, in part, fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins A, C and E. Other substances provided by a balanced diet play this role: trace proanthocyanidins (OPCs) present in the seed grapes, lycopene from tomatoes, anthocyanides of bilberry, flavonoids tea, black, green or red ....

In daily anti aging supplement, some exceptionally plants rich in antioxidants and free radicals can alleviate momentarily deficient diet or to cure of anti-aging slowdown.

But are all anti aging supplements safe?Are they effective?Which have no side effects?What to eat?And what's the truth about these supplements?

If you have been to China, by contrast, you will find and ask why many 50 years old Chinese look like 30 years old even younger,and why many beautiful young Western girls are aging fast after their 40 years old even they have eaten many anti aging supplements?What's the secret of anti-aging?

The only thing you need to know is the secret of using Chinese natural ways to treat aging.That's DR.WU's Ebook "Anti aging supplements truth" at here for you.

Why are we aging? What are the factors that accelerate aging? Can we slow down the effects of this destructive process? By what means ?This Ebook presents an overview of the most serious theories of aging and the synthesis of ecological methods capable of helping you to combat the effects of time.

You'll learn the different systems of aging and what you should do in this Ebook"Anti aging Supplements Truth":


-Shrinkage and Atrophy

-Ptosis and organic aging

-Hormonal aging

-The aging of the nervous system

-Capital role of blood irrigation

-The aging of the skin

-Aging of the sensory organs

In this Ebook Anti-aging supplements truth,you'll also learn different symptoms and real causes of aging,these symptoms of aging include:



.Skin allergy

.Skin Beauty

.Oily hair or oily skin 

.Hair loss, alopecia

.Depuratives skin, skin infections

.Dry skin, dull complexion

.Preparation for tanning, skin protection


.Stretch Marks

.Skin aging, wrinkles 


.Hot flushes

.Headache, migraine


.Menopausal disorders

.Sexual fatigue

.Low libido




And more......

You'll then learn and master the solutions like a Chinese medicine expert in the Ebook "Anti aging Supplements Truth":

-What Chinese herbal supplements you can take to treat well these symptoms of anti-aging problems

-How to properly use these Chinese herbal supplements

-The best anti-aging foods supplements under the Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

-The secrets of staying young

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Anti aging supplements truth

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