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HOHODO INC., We are a Chinese small organization provides diverse range homemade health solutions that help you to improve the health everyday and give you with Chinese natural home remedies about how to improve your body and mind health naturally. 

We wonder help our readers to achieve a different Health & Hapiness Dream,so we take the first letter of 3 words "Health,Hapiness,Dream"  as the name of our company.

Chinese Sages Lao Tzu said in <<Tao Te Ching>>,"Tao makes 1,1 makes 2,2 makes 3,3 makes nature!"We must respect nature.

Tao is the Originator of undivided universe, the universe gives rise to Yin and Yang; Yin and Yang give rise to heaven, earth, and people, and they give rise to all the worldly things.

1 is universe,2 is  Yin and Yang,3 is heaven, earth, and people.So we add 3 "O" to our company name.That's the source of naming HOHODO

We are under several Chinese healthy experts to give our readers with valuable healthy service and knowledge.

In ancient China, the drugs could be tailored from nature itself.And step by step, traditional Chinese medicine appeared. This medicine talked early close relationship with food,herbs and TAO. And when the drug is added   to  the food,it is a dietary treatment. Besides a Chinese proverb says "it is better to be treated by the food than by the doctor". 

We sincerely hope that this site fulfills the objective of giving you a global view about the relationship between Chinese natural remedies and natural health,and also understanding Chinese diet , Chinese medicine and Chinese culture.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Reach us through "Contact us" page for any questions.

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About Contributing Chinese healthy experts

Dr. WU studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Guangxi University Of Chinese Medicine for 5 years.,graduating in 1996.He also has a study of Western Medicine,especially majoring in disease treatments by Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine integrated with Western medicine.

During working for 20 years at Guigang Chinese Medicine Hospital in Guangxi,  Dr. WU conducted research on the effects of Chinese herbs on different chronic disease.

Dr.WU is dedicated to helping his patients and takes great satisfaction when they improve their health stats or are cured by his treatments. He has diagnosed and treated thousands of patients with great success,90% of the patients received different degrees of rehabilitation and restore their health,and many of them have offered their high praise.

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XIASEN  He is a retired manager of a state-owned construction enterprises in China, is also an International registered Nutrition Consultant and independent TCM natural health  researcher. His extensive knowledge about therapeutic、 moxibustion、massage、TCM came from his wife's health crisis over 16 years.In these 16 years, he has learned  Chinese medicine  knowledges from more than 100 Chinese TCM experts ,and also read more than 1000 TCM books.

In those years his wife was sick, eat a lot of drugs,  saw a lot of doctors in the hospital, and even had an operation and stay in hospital.But all had little effect.So XIA SEN took her back home from the hospital  to recuperate by TCM method,Chinese diet and nutrients.Soon some time,Her spirit became better, the physical rehabilitation is also well.

In recent years,XIASEN was retired from his enterprise.He concentrated to share his natural health knowledge to people around his city.He also passed exam to get International registered Nutrition Consultant certificate.His work is going on.

One day ,he met the BIN,the manager of Chinese-food-and-natural-health.com. Bin ask him :"Why not share your knowledges to more people? All over the world via Internet.I can build a English site." That's the beginning of our site Chinese-food-and-natural-health.com.

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XIANGQIN She is a high school teacher, also a Chinese cooking enthusiasts.She also like to teach her students about Chinese wind culture especially Chinese recipes and cheongsam.

She comes from a small village in a south city of China.After graduated from the Guangxi University Of Foreign Languages,like many young Chinese,she went to Shanghai, Beijing to work as a tour guide and also for  realizing her dreams.

However, after several years of hard work, under great pressure, she found that she had a lot of occupational diseases.So she quit her job to return to her hometown become a secondary school teacher.In the school library, she read a lot books about Chinese diet treatment of chronic diseases, occupational diseases, and also used in the practice.

Today ,she is a mother ,a good teacher,a nutrition experts,a foodie also a partner of Chinese-food-and-natural-health.com.

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