Tai Chi home remedies for disease prevention

Tai Chi home remedies for disease preventionTaiChi home remedies for disease prevention

Tai Chi home remedies for disease prevention

Although the practice of Tai Chi began there are thousands of years in China, recent clinical studies show that participation in this ancient exercise program helps prevent and manage today's number one killer - heart disease - as well as other conditions. According to the Institute of Integral Qigong and TaiChi, using TaiChi to combat stress and improve body alignment gives improvements to both the mind and body to help prevent and manage diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer and hypertension.

Identification of TaiChi

One of the most popular TaiChi forms is best defined as a personal practice that focuses simultaneously on 108 different gentle movements, focused breathing, posture, the geometry of the body and meditation exercises that are tailored to the therapeutic objectives of the individual. TaiChi is often referred to as "moving meditation." Today there is a branch of complementary medicine called mind-body therapy, but originated in China about two thousand years ago as a martial art. People with various health conditions can easily adapt TaiChi exercises to their ability and circumstances, including people in wheelchairs or are bedridden.


TaiChi Health

Many clinical trials in 1980 and later show that TaiChi is an important intervention for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and a viable way to manage heart disease, hypertension and stroke in high-risk populations, according Roger Jahnke, OMD, of Arizona State University. TaiChi influences prognosis improved practices for the management of pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis as well.

TaiChi and cardiovascular health

Specific benefits cited for heart health, including lowered blood pressure and reduced stress neurohormones that contribute to poor health. TaiChi advocates believe that the slow movements and gentle integrate the mind and body so that it restarts self-healing of the body's ability to prevent disease because it improves survival Qi. Qi is considered in ancient Chinese medicine as the "life force" of all living beings.

Safety Issues

Although TaiChi is an easy and adaptive exercise program, check with your health care provider to ensure that Tai Chi is good for you. With the approval of your provider, find a TaiChi instructor who can help you perform the movements with precision and efficiency to avoid injury. Group classes offer a way to socialize with others, which also provides health benefits.

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