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The Chinese herbs home remedies and Chinese Herbology is the Chinese art of combining medicinal herbs.

The Herbology is one of the most important terms used in traditional Chinese medicine. Each of the requirements is a custom developed plant cocktail for the patient. An assortment of herbs is usually infused twice in an hour. The practitioner usually designs a remedy using one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then adds other ingredients to adjust the formula to the conditions yin / yang of the patient. Sometimes, ingredients are needed to cancel the toxicity or side effects of the main ingredients. Some herbs require the use of other ingredients which act as catalysts or otherwise infusion is ineffective. The last steps require a lot of experience and knowledge, and make the difference between a good herbalist and amateur. Unlike Western medicine, the balance of all ingredients is considered more important than the effects of individual ingredients.

The Herbology incorporates ingredients from all parts of the plant, leaf, stem, flower, root, and also ingredients from animals or minerals. The use of endangered species (such as seahorses, rhinoceros horn and tiger bone) created controversy and resulted in the emergence of a black market that encouraged the poaching of endangered species .

In Chinese herbology , bellow are a list of some "fundamental herbs home remedies" :

Agastache rugosa - huòxiāng (藿香)

Alangium chinense - bā jiǎo fēng (八角枫)

Pulsatilla chinensis - bái tóu weng (白头翁)

Anisodus tanguticus - shān làngdàng (山莨菪)

Ardisia japonica - zǐjīn niú (紫金牛)

Aster tataricus - zǎwǎn (紫菀)

Astragalus membranaceus-huángqí (黄芪) or běiqí (北芪)

Camellia sinensis - chá shù (茶树) or chá yè (茶叶)

Cannabis sativa - dà má (大麻)

Carthamus tinctorius - hóng huā (红花)

Cinnamomum cassia - ròu gùi (肉桂)

Cissampelos pareira - xí shēng téng (锡生藤) or (亞乎奴)

Coptis chinensis - duǎn è huánglián (短萼黄连)

Corydalis ambigua - yán hú suǒ (延胡索)

Croton tiglium - bā dòu (巴豆)

Daphne genkwa - yuánhuā (芫花)

Datura metel - yáng jīn huā (洋金花)

Datura tatula - zǐ huā màn tuó luó (紫花曼陀萝)

Dendrobium nobile - shí hú (石斛) or shí hú lán (石斛兰)

Dichroa febrifuga - chángshān (常山)

Ephedra sinica - cǎo má huáng (草麻黄)

Eucommia ulmoides - dùzhòng (杜仲)

Euphorbia pekinensis - dàjǐ (大戟)

Flueggea suffruticosa (formerly Securinega suffruticosa) - yī yč qiū (一叶秋)

Forsythia suspensa - liánqiào (连翘)

Gentiana loureiroi - dì dīng (地丁)

Gleditsia sinensis - zào jiá (皂荚)

Glycyrrhiza uralensis - gāncǎo (甘草)

Hydnocarpus anthelmintica (syn. H. anthelminthicus) - dà fēng zǐ (大风子)

Ilex purpurea - dōngqīng (冬青)

Leonurus japonicus - yìmǎcǎo (益母草)

Ligusticum wallichii - chuānxiōng (川芎)

Lobelia chinensis - bàn biān lián (半边莲)

Phellodendron amurense - huáng bǎi (黄柏)

Platycladus orientalis (formerly Thuja orientalis) - cèbǎi (侧柏)

Pseudolarix amabilis - jīn qián sōng (金钱松)

Psilopeganum sinense - shān má huáng (山麻黄)

Pueraria lobata - ge gēn (葛根)

Rauwolfia serpentina - (從蛇根木) or (印度蛇木)

Rehmannia glutinosa - dìhuáng (地黄) or gān dìhuáng (干地黄)

Rheum officinale - yào yòng dà huáng (药用大黄)

Rhododendron tsinghaiense - Qīnghǎi dùjuān (青海杜鹃)

Saussurea costus - yún mù xiāng (云木香)

Schisandra chinensis - wǔ wèi zi (五味子)

Scutellaria baicalensis - huángqín (黄芩)

Stemona tuberosa - bǎi bù (百部)

Stephania tetrandra - fáng jǐ (防己)

Styphnolobium japonicum (formerly Sophora japonica) - huái (槐), huái shù (槐树), or huái huā (槐花)

Trichosanthes kirilowii - guālóu (栝楼)

Wikstroemia indica - liǎo gē wáng (了哥王)

Chinese herbs home remedies and health treatment

Chinese medicinal herbs are used in Chinese medicine, one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. They are among hundreds.

Chinese medicinal herbs, considered to belong to the so-called alternative medicine, can treat many ailments such as stress, fatigue, problems of the digestive systeme...The point about these plants that wish us well but that should not be taken lightly.

Chinese Natural Pharmacopoeia

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Just tell you

For several thousands years, Chinese people who are kind,hard-working and wise  use Chinese food,Chinese herbs and Chinese philosophy as three best natural home remedies for their body and mind health. These natural home remedies are also valid for you.

Most of Chinese people  monthly income can not buy a square meter room, most of their income forced to pay to the real estate  enterprises and medical organizations;these state-owned enterprises and real estate enterprises, they exploit the hard-earned money of  Chinese working people, and then crazy to buy football players in Europe to China, such as Oscar, Tevez, 40,000,000 dollars one year income,more than Messi!Are they corrupt?We don't know.But they are stupid,numbness,crazy and of heartless .

We despise、condemn、laugh at these Chinese enterprises and CSL (China Football Association Super League).

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