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In this Ebook included mini course how to feed as it is practiced by most Chinese and some Western people who are really careful theire health. This way is a form of preventive medicine since it allows to know which foods to eat according to the constitution of each and have a healthier body because food is more suitable.

Determine what your dominant constitution to know which diet suits you.

Determine what your constitution is a great help in the field of Chinese diet because it helps to know and choose the food that best suits your body according to your nature.

It will know what is our dominant constitution "hot or cold".

Once determined constitution must be applied individualization of diet, ie: what is good for one person is not necessarily the another.

For example: after eating pears, some people will need to urinate frequently and may even have diarrhea while others will feel quite well.

Another example is a person feeling a swelling with a lump in the stomach after eating a banana while another will feel absolutely nothing.

It's a big difference with the modern western diet which advocates a method same for everyone without regard to each individual is different.

In this mini-lesson you will learn:

.Chinese dietary principles and its Western applications

.What is Jing FOOD and how to apply it for your health

.Why Western Diet is so bad and unhealthy

.How to determine your constitution (hot or cold)

.The list of foods classified by their nature

.What's the healthy digestion

.Chinese food cures secrets

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