Chinese food nutrition facts

Chinese food nutrition facts

Do you know that there is a good relationship between Chinese food nutrition facts and natural health?Learn more about the nutritional benefits of eating Chinese food and how to prepare healthy Chinese recipes.

Staple food



Vegetarian food



Bamboo shoot

Black fungus

Bok choy








Chinese food chili natural health nutrition facts
Chinese yam nutrition facts natural health benefits


 Chinese yam





Lotus root






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Small pea


Sweet potato




 White cabbage

Winter melon

Dried fruit 



Lotus seed

Pine nuts



Scientific data could not be more clear: the Western diet is a source of many health problems and even serious diseases. If the principles of Chinese dietetics seem complicated and daunting at first glance, some can be integrated easily in eating habits - if only to, in a first step, promote better digestion. The rest will follow gradually.

The rules of the Chinese diet can also be useful to treat a number of problems related to the digestive system, where these problems are caused by inadequate nutrition. 

Regarding obesity, traditional Chinese medicine - without denying the role of genetic, hereditary and familial factors - offers a particular point of view, always depending on the particular constitution of the individual. For example, the choice of foods will depend temperament. In short, say the very constitutions Yin Yang digest food better and vice versa . In addition, obesity can be caused by excess humidity and mucus due to a weakness of the Spleen. Power into account this principle could help restore a normal weight. A Chinese medicine practitioner may suggest a relevant feed for this problem. 

To treat with food, it should be able to identify imbalances in the body and their causes. This type of analysis can only be performed by a trained person to traditional Chinese medicine integrated with the concepts of diet therapy in the practice (doctor, practitioner or acupuncturist). 

The Chinese diet has been very few randomized clinical trials. The majority of writings focus primarily on the description of the basic concepts of the approach according to some problems care.

In 2013, a small study showed that Chinese diet could be a complementary therapy in the treatment of hypertension in individuals with an imbalance of Yin and Yang. 

It is therefore not possible for the moment to decide formally on the effectiveness of this therapy for the majority of uses proposed.

Changing eating habits and get  Chinese food nutrition facts is a very slow process. No book or course can transform the way you eat: you have to practice every day. 

If you are a bit familiar with the principles of TCM, it can also happen to prevent or treat some common ailments. Several books provide advice in this regard (see Books, etc..). You can also read the article  that heal the gap bridges between theory and practice and offers a variety of recipes.

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